I’m not sure exactly why it happened but it wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Yet every time it happens I find myself asking “why?”   There has to be a simple explanation.  The answer is never the same and this time I came to the conclusion that it’s Kobe.  What exactly is the question?  Well, I want to know why I found myself cheering against The Lakers.  I’ve never been a Laker hater and actually at one time I was quite a fan.  In my life I strongly support my college teams no matter who is playing for them but when it comes to the Pros I’m a bit more fickle.  I’d rather follow up-and-coming teams and players, or ballers who I find worth supporting.  That being said I’m not completely unloyal either, there are certain pro teams I do tend to support.  The issue is that every once in a while I find a subconscious involuntary reaction happen during certain games, series, or seasons…I cheer passionately for or against someone without putting an amoeba’s worth of thought.  When this odd occurrence happens I have to do an assessment and figure out what is the trigger.

What is it this time?  I dislike Kobe.  I thought it might be the team as a whole but as quirky and stoic as the rest of the Lake-show is they don’t really rub me wrong…the Black Mamba does.  Maybe it is his apparent insincerity, selfishness, or that he just doesn’t inspire confidence with me. I know I’m not alone in this because it seems to be a common theme amongst Laker fans and nonies (non-fans) alike.  He lacks that certain je ne sequa that all the greats seem to have.  When Jordan walked on the court it didn’t matter what team you were routing for, you couldn’t wait to see what great feat he was going accomplish or which law of physics he would defy that night.  I don’t see people support Kobe the same way – he leaves something to be desired.

Upon closing, I will say that I will never take anything away from his mad voodoo crazy skills, work ethic, or basketball IQ; he is pretty close to the top.   However, for me, character does count and I fail to see much of it in 24, but the boy can ball. 

I thought this article was exceptionally written colum by Bill Simmons on the matter http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/090616&sportCat=nba

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