There are things that come into our lives or that we discover that we tend to like…we actually LOVE.  We are not sure why or can even really elaborate on it…it just is what it is.  This really applies to most of our spectrum of emotional acceptance (from love all the way to hate).


I truly love pancakes…not sure why.  I can tell you that it is because they are sweet and fluffy but so are waffles and french toast.  Don’t get me wrong I like waffles and french toast…but I would so much rather have pancakes.  I don’t eat pancakes all the time…but they own my heart!


Conversely, I can’t stand pickles and olives.  I don’t want to dislike them…it is truly against Jorgeism to say I hate anything but you know what?  I hate them.  Yeap!  I’m sure of it, and it isn’t for a lack of trying them.  I check to see every once and a while just to make sure, but yet every time they hit my lips…my face contracts, my tongue recoils and my taste buds say “what the hell is that shit?”  If you asked me why I don’t like them, I couldn’t give you a good reason…I just don’t like them.  I will still intermittently try again to see if my tastes have changed or my inner being has learned to accept them.  Yet, for the time being…I don’t like the damn things.  However, some people love olives and pickles.  I my friend, do not!!


The funny thing is when people ask why you like or dislike something…how do you describe it?  Can you and do you do it justice?  It’s ineffable. We’ve already said you can’t just say because pancakes are sweet and fluffy (besides there are tons of things that fall into that category).  There is no way to eloquently and tangibly describe it.  No more than I can describe why exactly and precisely I hate pickles and olives.  It purely is what it is.  Sometimes the essence of why we love and hate things is because the essence of us so chooses and has made the decision to do so…without our consent or guidance.  It just is.


There are many other foods that fall somewhere in between and so do they fall into our lives somewhere in-between. In-between indulging in pancakes or, discovering and avoiding that not-so-pleasant chow.  That is what we do; avoid the pickles and olives, live for the pancakes, as we have sushi, pasta, salads, steaks, fish, etc. etc. in between.


If you figured it out this isn’t about pancakes, pickles or olives…but boy….I know I love PANCAKES!!!


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