I’m glad that people seem to be reading my stuff and posting their comments.  I want everyone to know that I do welcome any and all comments and criticisms.  As long as the comments are not SPAM, aren’t vulgar and have some point they will be approved.  However, if you are planning on putting me on blast, I think that I should at least know who it’s from.  Slamming me and calling me out on something when it comes from “anonymous” isn’t really courageous or mature, especially when the comment is fairly baseless and inaccurate.

For those who don’t know me or don’t know me very well…I am an extremely introspective individual.  My second favorite past-time is analyzing others – only analyzing myself has it beat…go ahead call me egocentric.  I am just following the teachings of the original Jedi Master Socrates when he said “know thyself.”  I’m very well aware of my issues and I don’t deny them…ask my therapist 🙂

So please feel free to constructively criticize and give me shit.  I promise you there is no one who is harder on me than ME.  If you want to call me out don’t *69 me and if you want to throw stones make sure you don’t live in a glass house.  Those who aren’t living in a glass houses wouldn’t have to be anonymous.  Too embarrassed to post a name with your critique?  Then go ahead and email me directly.  We can keep it between us.  Not as ballsy but still respectable. That is the true anonymous!

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