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This is something I made many years ago and it has just grown and grown over time as more people ask me to send it to them and my knowledge of the subject expands. I myself have reached over 200lbs twice in my life (close to 230 the second time) and have lost the weight both times. I have tried different diets and methods and had success with many. But I also saw how my body reacted to them…difference in energy levels, mental clarity and being able to recover from cheating days and binges.

When it comes to being healthy and fit, and lossing weight there are various different theories and phylosopys. There are some things that are more valid than others but you are never going to get everyone to agree. From my experience, and I am a Joe Average when it comes to genetics being in my corner, this is what I have found to be true and to work for me…and I’m willing to bet it will work for you.

First off there are a couple of basic myths that must be cleared:

  • Spot reduction works – This is what the abdominal machines infomercials on TV would want you to believe. If you do enough sit ups you can have that great body…that is pure pish. Your body manages fat in LIFO method (Last In First Out) that you cannot control. That simply means the last place you gained weight is the first place you loose it. The part where you first had fat is the last place you loose it. Sad but that is the way it is. For women that is usually butt and legs. For men it is the abs and love handles.
  • Working out my legs because that is my problem spot, I don’t need to work on my upper body. Everybody’s body has an innate need to maintain proportional. Just working out one area will always reap less than desired results when you neglect the rest of your body. Just like the women that do legs 3 times a week, they would have much better results working legs out less and incorporating upper body in as well. In a way you are working against your self. Working out legs builds muscles in them but if you don’t loose the fat, the legs just get bigger. Men who just work out upper-body or chest will also be limiting their results…to loss weight (more perciesly to loss fat) you need to work out your entire body. Legs and back are some of the largest muscles and when worked out will burn more calories.
  • Eating fat makes you fat. Eating too much of any macronutrient (carbs, fats, and protein) can get you to fat, but controlling carbs and managing your caloric intake is the best way to manage your weight. Without getting too technical, a calorie is not a calorie and certain carbs are better than others. Eating good fats (Diet Page) actually helps you oxidize fats, fights off infection, reduces fatigue, improves recovery and gives you energy. I am not saying no carbs or even low carbs, rather the right carbs at the right times.
  • Doing lots of cardio will make me lose fat. Some cardio will help but it is not the final answer to loosing fat. Just do a simple independent study on your own. Go to gyms, ask around and you will find soon enough that those people that run all the time and are always on the cardio machines or going to aerobic classes are not always sporting the best bodies. They might be able to climb 1,100 floors in 30 minutes but that is not too applicable to our needs…maybe only if you want to be a mountain climber. Resistance training will get you to fat loss faster than any other method. Not only will it get you there it will keep you from gaining that weight back. Everyone has a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), that is the amount of calories one burns in a day at rest. That is just normal body functions…basically, what your body burns by just existing. There are ways to manipulate your BMR. The easiest ways would be diet, exercise, and supplements. While aerobic exercise raises your BMR for 3 to 4 hours to following the activity(now shown to even be less), resistance training (lifting weights) raises you metabolism for up to 48 hours (muscle reparation and adaptation). Also by building muscle you increase your BMR permantly or as long as you maintain your new muscle. Muscle needs fuel to exist…all the time! Fat does not! When you have more muscle you have a higher metabolism. If you do aerobics all the time you not only burn some fat, but you primarily burn carbs and also protein (either in your system or muscles), therefore lowering your metabolism in the long run. When people loose weight from cardio and become satisfied with their results they tend to return to “normal” eating habits. Since during much of this time they didn’t eat properly to maintain the lean body mass and used muscle protein during many of their cardio sessions. They in essence just lost a bunch of fuel burning muscle and lowered the BMR. Therefore they will gain weight faster eating the same amount of calories as before. This is what is referred to as a yo-yo dieting.
  • If I lift weights I will get too muscular or bulky. This is just not true. There are hoards of men out there that wish this were true but the majority of guys (natural and Vitamin S free) that have been trianing for years are still not yoked swole. So lifting weights a couple of times a week for years will never get you too big. And for women this is even less true (one of best websites I’ve found that covers this). It is really only possible if you start take boat-loads steroids or dramatically start to raise your Testosterone level and lower estrogen levels. Lifting weights will give you a good body and make you tone.
  • Muscle will turn into fat. Muscle does not and will not turn into fat. However, if you make great strides to eating right and put on muscle, and then you go back to eating like crap and becoming lethargic once again the body starts to adjust and store the junk your eating as fat and the muscle will atrophy just like anything else that is not being used.
  • To get great results you must spend countless hours working out. Appoximately 80% of a person’s results are not their exercise, it is their diet…did you hear that? It’s a large part diet! In reality the optimal workout should be no longer than one hour. It is also not necessary to dedicate more than 4 days a week. That is 4 hours a week. Who can’t find 4 hours a week to dedicate to their well-being? Those who spend hours at the gym are actually being counter productive and would log better results from shorter workouts. In addition effective cardio needs to be no less than 20 min and no longer than 45 min.

This is not a temporary fix but should be a life long habit. Everyday we do certain things like eat, use the restroom, going to work, read, and/or shower (some of us). We have habits and routines that are acceptable. Incorporating these things into you life are not a short-term thing but it should become a long term habit. Now do we stray from the rules? All the time, but we should make sure not to stray too far and to get back on track ASAP. The diet and workout contained in the links below can be catered to your tastes it can be modified but not revamped…well it can be revamped but then I cannot promise results. At least this is a good set of rules to get started and see some pretty marked results. As your meet your initial goals and are ready to take things to the next level there are hundreds of great resources.



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  • #1 by K at September 2nd, 2009

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    Thx for this informative post but am I totally spacing out right now & missing a link to “this non-revamp-able list?” Can you please help? Gracias!!! My thighs & rear thank you also!!! 🙂

  • #2 by Jorge at September 3rd, 2009

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    Hey K,
    I just posted the links on this page. Let me know if you have any questions.