It isn’t uncommon for me to observe someone and think to myself “God, I hope I never act like that” only to realize that whatever buffoonish performance I am witnessing was once in my repertoire. Sometimes we see some of ourselves in others and usually those characteristics or acts might not be as “cool” or “attractive” as we may think. There were a few times in the not-so-distant past where I was hanging out with someone and their behavior was so peculiar that I couldn’t help but be utterly annoyed.


One instance in particular, is when I escaped to Lake Tahoe for a last minute ski jaunt with one of my female friend’s younger brother. He seemed like a really nice kid, and by kid I mean he might have been 23 while I was 26 or such.  Not long after our short road trip, he wasted no time getting wasted. Not only did he get hammered and become somewhat sloppy but he morphed into the Jersey Shore “Situation.” For the rest of the trip he could not pass one female without full-out creepin it. The girls would not even be at the “o” part of “NO” before he was already clocking the next bogie. I have never seen such unfocused artless tenacity and determination in pursuit of tail.


In another example, I dated someone who needed to talk more than me and just needed to ALWAYS be the center of attention. This just wasn’t happening – I can’t have that. The world and especially the conversation revolve around ME! Or maybe there were those times where I had to baby-sit someone who eerily resembling “Obnoxio The Clown” (my drunken alter ego that used to roam the Auburn University and the Pike house).


I would like to think I was never as extreme as the examples I’ve laid out or the countless others I have encountered. The truth is I think they are a hyperbole to teach me a lesson. Maybe seeing the severe form of some of my worse habits or tendencies has allowed me to realize what others have endured when I exhibit certain discordant behavior. It would be blaringly evident in my friends and families faces when I was acting over the top. They would try to tame me by feeding me water or telling me to chill out. But it wasn’t until I saw my mirror or actually getting to see myself on tape that I truly understand how foolish or annoying I can be.


Look, I accept everyone for who they are and their originality and comprendo that no one is perfect.  For the most part, we all strive to be better rounded people and if the lessons we learn about ourselves have to come at the hands of a lushed-out friend slapping us in the dingie, or a high maintenance woman being pissy for no real reason; only to have it dawn on us that we’ve been that intoxicated fool or that abrasive ass. As individuals we rarely delve into what our behavioral habits are and what makes us tick, but next time we observe someone’s behavior that is less than appropriate, we shouldn’t think to ourselves “…I hope I never act that way…” but rather ask… “Do I act like that?” Because when it is right in front of our face there is not only no denying the behavior, but it is also irrefutable how repellent we might be.