It happens to me at least once a week. I seem to conjure up ideas that I believe are pure genius! Immediately a feeling of excitement starts to fester deep within as I menatally construct the layers of my Uber-Mega-Cash Flow-Producing widget/website/business. I whip out my Blackberry and start blowing up those closest to me to inform them that I just came up with the next iPod or Google.  Whether it’s my idea for a solar powered flashlight or a thought activated Google, I somewhat realized that an idea is a small fraction of what it takes to be successful in such an endeavor.  I often regurgitate a quote that was once shared with me that states “the difference between dreamers and the successful is action.” 

With this in mind my close friend Michael shared an exchange he found on a tech blog that rang strong:


I have the best idea for an iPhone app, well, modestly speaking, ever! So how do I sell this great idea? Is there a forum for discussing how to get an idea sold? Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

Dearest Mike,

The sad facts are these (and, I’m sorry, darling, but this is going to sound a little harsh): Ideas are cheap. Work is hard. And App Store is, I’m afraid, built on a lot of hard labor. If you really believe in your idea, you’re going to have to work out a business plan, arrange for capital, hire and oversee artists and programmers, and market that baby to success.

Absolutely no one that I’m aware of is searching for new ideas or, more importantly, is willing to pay for them. Lots of people have ideas. Many people have way too many ideas. There is just no demand, market-wise. True, the “next, best thing” may be out there, but it’s the doers, not the dreamers, that make that dream take shape. 

If your idea is great — and I have no doubt that it is — it’s yours for you to grasp. Whether you program it yourself or find a way to fund its creation, there is no road but hard work in order to bring it to its realization.


As my blogging counterpart just poignantly stated, at the end of the day, the best success stories aren’t born from the most brilliant ideas but rather execution and hard work.  McDonald’s isn’t the world’s largest seller of burgers because they are the best burgers or some revolutionary idea – far from. McDonald’s is the most successful because of a strong system and execution.  My mom used to say “if you can dream it you can do it,” but truth be told…if you dream it will only be worth something if you actually do it.